Cornelius the Centurion was Jesus’ Personal Body Man

Dibs again. Highlight reel! Claimed it. First time ever in history. Jesus’ public ministry in Qn started with him getting a body man, before his first women disciples/patrons joined the movement. And this was no ordinary body man. This was a hunky hunk of a Roman Centurion body man. Cuz if you’re gonna be a world-class rhetorical ass kicker, you need some official, state-sponsored muscle in your posse.

I just did a Digital Gospel Science (DGS) DUNK all up on the faces of New Testament scholars… again!

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New Names for Qn to Consider in the Future: J, P, or JAesop

Calling the first, original Jewish Gospel Qn was necessary to build our arguments and contextualize our hypotheses within traditional Gospel and Q scholarship.

While Qn is a serviceable abbreviation in many ways to point to its many continuities with previous Q reconstructions, the designation also has deficiencies and limitations.

New wine-skins will eventually be needed to hold this new wine. I suggest some additional options for the community to consider adopting eventually, both for our shared Gospel and for ourselves.

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Theorem of Three-Way Signaling: The Key to Charting the Historical Strata of the Gospels

[Revised July 9]

A big part of the challenge we face, especially in the study of Gospel texts, is that

1) the main content does not offer clear, external historical references as to time of composition and/or editing (very unscientific of them, not to date and time stamp and version control their work!); and

2) manuscripts tend to fabricate and improvise anachronistic historical references, such as putting the names of legendary leaders, “Mark,” “Matthew,” “Luke,” “John,” “Peter,” etc., at the beginning (incipits) of texts within manuscripts.

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