Table of Contents: Classical Greek Models of the Gospels and Acts

Thank you to all of the contributors to the recently published volume Classical Greek Models of the Gospels and Acts!

Part 1. SBL Panel Papers on The Gospels and Homer and Luke and Vergil

“Mainstreaming Mimesis Criticism,” by Mark G. Bilby

“Even Good Homer Nods,” by Michael Kochenash

“Mark and Homer,” by Kay Higuera Smith

Part 2. SBL Panel Papers on The Dionysian Gospel: The Fourth Gospel and Euripides

“Neos Dionysos in Textual and Cultural Mimesis,” by Richard C. Miller

“John’s Politics of Imitation,” by Chan Sok Park

“The First Dionysian Gospel: Imitational and Redactional Layers in Luke and John,” by Mark G. Bilby

Part 3. Mimesis in Practice: Discovering Old Imitations Anew

“Scriptural Revision in Mark’s Gospel and Philostratus’s Life of Apollonius,” by Austin M. Busch

“Acts 2 as an Intertextual Map: Moving from Dionysian to Platonic Identity,” by Ilseo Park

“The Scandal of Gentile Inclusion: Reading Acts 17 with Euripides’ Bacchae,” by Michael Kochenash

“Objections, Reflections, and Anticipations,” by Dennis R. MacDonald