New Testament Introduction Sourcebook and Video Lectures Uploaded

Over the years I’ve developed a variety of individual handouts for New Testament classes that I’ve taught. Today I decided to compile them into a brief New Testament Introduction Sourcebook to share freely and openly with the world.

The sourcebook materials are well-suited to accompany my introductory video lectures for New Testament (RLST 201) at CSU Fullerton. The related RLST 201 course syllabus for Spring 2018 is also available.

What follows is a list of the various materials/handouts in the sourcebook:

  1. TaNaKh vs. Old Testament: Comparison of Traditional Canonical Count, Order, and Groupings
  2. TaNaKh Hebrew Names, Groupings, and Order
  3. Rabbinic Excerpts on Canon
  4. Christian OT vs. Christian OT
  5. Formation of the NT Canon Worksheet
  6. Muratorian Fragment (Latin text and Bilby translation)
  7. Eusebius, Ecclesiastical History 3.25 (Greek text and Bilby translation)
  8. Athanasius, Festival Letter 39 (Greek text and Bilby translation)
  9. SBL Handbook of Style, Hebrew Transliteration Key (adapted)
  10. Greek Transliteration Chart (based on SBL Handbook of Style)
  11. Hebrew-Jewish Calendar
  12. Historical Timeline of Ancient Israel
  13. TaNaKh / Old Testament Books: Source/Authorship & Date
  14. Guide to the Prophets
  15. Notable Jewish Apocalypses
  16. List of New Testament Books
  17. Pliny the Younger, Letter to Trajan (epp. 10.96-7; Bilby translation)