An Oracular Epistle of Jeremiah-Revelator-Grimm-Tolkien-MLK Bacchus-Jesus

A sample from my forthcoming book follows. Today’s despicable theatrics at the White House inspired this portion’s release.

Dear bald frightened jealous and gelatinous king of all goblins, ogres, and trolls,

Naked emperor clothed only by sycophant extorted enablers lusting after bribes and loans from the imperial fisc and terrified by the potential unveiling of their kompromat,

Bunker-dwelling anthropophage commanding the demonic Legion of Klansmen hidden in robes of white and blue and green and Confederate red,

Micro-mouth masking a massively malevolent maw, minuscule nitwit with mini-twit-mitts mocking many,

Scapegoater and exiler and imprisoner and killer of Jews and foreigners and minorities and protestors against the tide of conformity,

Bed-tanned Beast, hairless orangutan with orange-yellow cake makeup and seven hills of golden hair-plugs Rumpelstiltskin woven,

Epstein-cavorting rapey pussy-grabbing man-whore of Babylon selling out the country’s secrets and arms and treasure to its sworn enemies and the higher bidders,

Malignant tumor of toxic masculinity narcissistically poisoning the planet for profit,

Inarticulate head of the English world, silver-spooned sociopath, trust-fund man-baby, bone-spurious bonehead, VA avoider, VD warrior, legacy-proofed flunkey, imposter of intelligence, classless act, building bill bailer, worker wage looter, casino crasher, delinquent Deutsche-bank debtor, gold-dripped garderobe, septic septuagenarian, impotent potentate risibly ridiculed in better English and in every tongue the whole world over,

Hefty hollowed out husk of a human who holds no empathy for the living, no respect for the deceased, and no regard for the Law or the Constitution.

Your self-absorbed, sadistic, sick tyranny of Making America Hell Again is coming to an end. Thank God Almighty, we’re free at last.


The Voters in the November 2020 Election for President of the United States of America

P.S. Apollo’s virus isn’t Nature’s plague. You are the scourge, the AntiBacchus, responsible for 100,000s of needless deaths of your own people because of your ignorant indifferent incompetence.

P.P.S. I may be little, but I’ve been to the mountaintop, and I see your Racist White Evangelical American Christian temples falling, together with their Religious Right priest-hordes who prepared your coming and propped you up by denigrating Science, selling out God to a political party, and bowing down to the Devil of magical manipulation, money lust and Machiavellianism.