Reconsidering Arminius: Open Access Permissions Granted

On behalf of my fellow editors and authors, I’d like to thank Peggy Shearon and the Permissions team at Abingdon Press for giving us and the book’s various authors permission to deposit our 2014 edited compilation Reconsidering Arminius open access in our institutional repositories.

I’ve gone ahead and uploaded a copy to the CSU ScholarWorks repository. If the other editors or authors upload copies to their institutional repositories, particularly if any of our repositories allow us to mint DOIs, I’ll plan to update this post to make a note of it.

Let me also provide a complete table of contents, especially since the Worldcat record for the book does not currently provide this.

Table of Contents

Abbreviations — ix

Introduction. Reconsidering Arminius: Recasting the Legacy / Mark H. Mann and Mark G. Bilby — xi-xix

Chapter 1. Consecrated through Suffering : the Office of Christ in the Theology of Jacob Arminius / Richard A. Muller — 1-21

Chapter 2. Was Arminius an Unwitting Determinist? : Another Look at Arminius’s Modal Logic / Thomas H. McCall — 23-37

Chapter 3. Beyond Luther, beyond Calvin, beyond Arminius : the Pilgrims and the Remonstrants in Leiden, 1609-1620 / Jeremy Dupertuis Bangs — 39-69

Chapter 4. The Loss of Arminius in Wesleyan-Arminian Theology / W. Stephen Gunter — 71-90

Chapter 5. Jacob Arminius and Jonathan Edwards on the doctrine of creation / Oliver D. Crisp — 91-112

Chapter 6. Convergence in the “Reformed” theologies of T.F. Torrance and Jacob Arminius / E. Jerome Van Kuiken — 113-135

Chapter 7. Was Arminius an open theist? : meticulous providence in the theology of Jacob Arminius / John Mark Hicks — 137-160

Conclusion. Arminius Reconsidered : Thoughts on Arminius and Contemporary Theological Discourse for the Church Today / Keith D. Stanglin — 161-167

Contributors — 169