The First Gospel, the Gospel of the Poor: Open Access Book Proposal Announcement

Yesterday I uploaded to Zenodo a book proposal draft (over 50 pages of detailed hypotheses and thick evidence). Its embargo is set to expire on July 7, when it will become available open access to the world.

The book’s tentative full title is The First Gospel, the Gospel of the Poor: A New Reconstruction of Q and Resolution of the Synoptic Problem based on Marcion’s Early Luke.

If I am correct, this book does nothing less than resolve the Synoptic Problem definitively for the first time ever in history by giving the first ever complete picture of the overall contents of Q. The vision and reconstruction of this text is sufficiently new and radical that we give it a new designation: Qn = Quelle Neue.

Astonishingly, the contents of Qn have been sitting in front of us for years, hiding in plain sight in readily known texts. The reconstruction shows Qn not to be merely a sayings gospel, a classification that has over-determined Q scholarship from the beginning. It also confirms that Qn is indeed our earliest retrievable gospel, representing the earliest Jesus followers (whom Paul called “the poor”) in Israel/Palestine prior to the destruction of the second temple of Jerusalem in 70 CE.

My hope is also for the collaboration and eventual open access publication of this book to be revolutionary, not just in transforming our understanding of the texts, traditions, and ethics of the earliest Jesus followers, but also in bringing to bear the values of open science (embargoed proposal, testable hypotheses, invitation for sponsorship and collaboration, agile research, progress updates, and eventual open access publication) on early Christian studies, Religious Studies and the Humanities more generally.

Let me conclude this post with a screenshot giving a glimpse of what is in store. I’ll plan daily installments of this sort in blog posts up until the day the proposal embargo expires, on July 7.