A Scientifically Sound Solution for the Synoptic Problem: Not Flowcharts but Cascades

Most modeling of proposed solutions to the Synoptic Problem looks like so many modest flow charts, with anywhere from a few to a dozen boxes and lines drawn between them.

Life is not a flow chart.

One way to confirm that you’ve reached a deep level of scientifically reliable and verifiable knowledge is that it matches the patterns we see in nature itself.

Life is a cascade.

That’s why, when I realized that the Gospel of Marcion was the original and only two-source Gospel, that it fit perfectly into the third stratum of Gospel composition and brought everything else into nature’s perfect alignment–that’s when I had my eureka moment and knew I had found the definitive solution to the Synoptic Problem and the key to unlock the history of the transmission of the earliest Gospel traditions.

My fellow scholars are still reviewing my hypotheses and proofs. I’m continuing to expand my proofs and analysis.

In the meantime, I want to call people’s attention to a page toward the end of the book, one that summarizes the nature cascade of the earliest Jesus text transmission.