New Names for Qn to Consider in the Future: J, P, or JAesop

Calling the first, original Jewish Gospel Qn was necessary to build our arguments and contextualize our hypotheses within traditional Gospel and Q scholarship.

While Qn is a serviceable abbreviation in many ways to point to its many continuities with previous Q reconstructions, the designation also has deficiencies and limitations.

New wine-skins will eventually be needed to hold this new wine. I suggest some additional options for the community to consider adopting eventually, both for our shared Gospel and for ourselves.

J – the Judean Gospel. J could also stand for Jewish, Judean, Jerusalem. I also like that it could also work for Jefferson, since our brilliant country’s Founder also happened to create his own Gospel of Jesus’ sayings. I’m sure eventually we’ll have to take a good look at that and compare it to Qn as we are able to reconstruct it scientifically.

P – the Gospel of the Poor

JAesop – the Gospel of the Jewish Aesop. This one gets right at the core of the mimetic-literary identity of Jesus as a Jewish Aesop in this newly discovered Judean Gospel from the earliest communities of Jesus followers. Whether it makes sense in practice is another thing.

Scholarly consensus, of course, will find its own way. But this time around in history, perhaps White Male Protestants and publisher marketing reps aren’t going to decide what the world is supposed to say and believe.

Perhaps this time around the community that will get to make up our consensus is going to be made up primarily of Rabbinics scholars, Black scholars, Female scholars, LGBTQ scholars, and Scientists (Info and Computer Science, Engineering, and Computational Linguistics).

This isn’t a later, composite, sanctioned, canonical Christian Gospel, after all.

This is a pre-Christian Gospel.

It’s a Colored Jewish Gender-bending Gospel.