The Lukan Centurion was Jesus’ Personal Body Man

Dibs again. Highlight reel! Claimed it. First time ever in history. Jesus’ public ministry in Qn started with him getting a body man, before his first women disciples/patrons joined the movement. And this was no ordinary body man. This was a hunky hunk of a Roman Centurion body man. Cuz if you’re gonna be a world-class rhetorical ass kicker, you need some official, state-sponsored muscle in your posse.

I just did a Digital Gospel Science (DGS) DUNK all up on the faces of New Testament scholars… again!

I could do this all day long, Team Religious Scribes. I’m LaBron Jamesen this shit up in this b****.

You’re slow… I’m feeling Mohammad Ali right now, and yall are George Frazer. You’re moving in slow motion. You’re like a mummy. What’s wrong with you?!? Don’t you know how to have an open science, open access, open religion, open gospel (OG!) debate?!? No takers at all? Just gonna sit this one out, huh?

Alright!!! 🙂 Just more highlight reel time for me!

On a nicer, more polite note… Scholars, c’mon in. Seriously. The water is just fine… It’s as relaxing as a steam bath or hot springs for the aching bones of your tired scholarly discourses.