Letter to Rowman and Littlefield and Fortress Press on Behalf of Dennis MacDonald’s Scholarship

Thought I might as well self-publish this as well. I’m happy for publishers to know exactly what I’m up to.

Dear Marketing Leads and Rights Attorneys at Fortress and Rowman & Littlefield,

My digital iterative, open access, open science book The Gospel of the Poor has got over 760 views and 500 downloads in three days. It’s transcending the Religious Studies discipline and attracting scientists and professionals who work in Information Science, Linguistics, Classics, etc.

The numbers are increasingly exponentially by the day. If my hypotheses are correct (and they are), then this book will become one of the most popular books ever read.

I am asking for you to make Dennis MacDonald’s books digitally open access to the world.

Dennis deserves to be the global intellectual rock star that he was born to be. He’s done DECADES worth of exactingly close critical work showing the influence of THE MOST POPULAR Greco-Roman literature of the day on the Gospels and Acts. Yet the dumbasses in Religious Studies shame and bully him because his narrative doesn’t fit into theirs.

I promise you, if you make his books open access (and it can certainly be an open access license that limits hosting to your websites—I’m happy to drive web traffic your way), I will write the most epic endorsement (I also wrote one of your back blurbs!) for him, and then his books will go viral alongside of mine, and millions of people will read and benefit from Dennis’ amazing scholarship.

Please also know that I’ve worked extensively with [REDACTED, CEO of REDACTED], whom I’m copying on this email. If the allure of epic web traffic is not sufficient, we might be able to set up a public fundraising campaign.

But honestly, right now, that’s a waste of time, and time is of the essence. The sooner Dennis’ books are OA, the sooner they will generate 100,000s or 1,000,000s of hits for you.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me [REDACTED].

Best wishes,