Edited and Collected Sermons of St. John Chrysostom

Just continuing to spitball. I’m in the flow today.

Just saying, that collection would be the most amazing collaboration of Humanist Scholars, Digital Humanists, Christian Pastors, and the Eastern Orthodox Communities.

Making a large collection of many of the very best Christian sermons ever freely and fully available to the world, both in Greek, English, and every other language for which translators would like to join.

If you want to know why, listen to an invited lecture I gave at St. Katherine Orthodox College in Encinitas.


The talk was scholarly and informationally dense, but I think it still conveys how much Chrysostom’s sermons moved me, and how sad it made me that they were not accessible for the whole world.

I’ve translated several of his sermons myself, particularly his Sermon on the Cross and the Bandit in two versions, and have analyzed and photographed some of the manuscripts of those sermons, so I’d love to have a part in the effort and perhaps give it some guidance.

If you carefully read the history of the Protestant Reformers, the early Colonists, and the Founding Fathers, you’ll find references to Chrysostom’s sermons all over the place, because many, many smart, well-trained preachers would read Chrysostom’s sermons in Greek and/or Latin as they prepared their own sermons.

Part of digging deep the wells of Humanist Democracy is retrieving and openly sharing its most incredible oratory.