If only Harnack had

Time’s contingency is a real b****, isn’t it.

Adolf von Harnack was happily following F. C. Baur’s lead in moving Luke and Acts to the middle of the second century.

Harnack, simply because Acts ends in an unresolved fashion with Paul in prison, went from Baur’s position to put Luke and Acts in the 60s.

More than any other factor, that Fundamentalist turn by one esteemed German professor may account for New Testament scholarship being absolutely stuck on the Synoptic Problem for the last 100 years.

It’s crazy when you think about it.

Once all the outdated New Testament scholarship of the past 100 years is fully open, online, and text-searchable, we need to run some AI analyses on all the ways the discourse made itself entirely impervious to the influence of modern science and even well-established trends in the Humanities. How it insulated itself from the discourse of Classics is a huge part of that.

Prediction: by 2025, people are going to look back at New Testament scholarship pre-2020 as the age of religious dinosaurs.

To those of you are comfortable living in musea, go right ahead.

The world’s not stopping for you this time around.