The god-inspired US Constitution

Do you ever have that feeling when you read the Constitution? That feeling that god brought it together?

Reminds me of the passionate devotion that Jews and Christians and Muslims–together 3.5 billion people on this planet–have for studying, singing, and chanting words they felt god inspired. I know I feel god when I read my Hebrew and Christian scriptures… especially when I read them in Hebrew and Greek. That’s when I hear god speaking most clearly, because I’m hearing the words the way that the people of that time heard them, not those words as they have been filtered through 1900 years of editing, interpreting and translating.

It’s pretty awesome when you think about it.

god speaking in every language and culture throughout human history

Think about it. Where did our love for books today come from?

In Jesus’ day, only 10% of people could read. The Historical Jesus probably wasn’t one of them.

Our passion for reading in European and American cultures came from the Greeks and Jews in antiquity. Then Christians, who helped pioneer the book (the codex) as a new technology. Then Muslims, who followed the example of their Jewish and Christian kin with a brand new creation out of Arabia.

And the list goes on and on. It’s never stopped.

We are so blessed with so many books today, but it still feels like we’re missing out on that intensity, that freshness, that spirit… of feeling drawn to a study a book in all of its nooks and crannies.

Maybe everyone who feels moved by god should make and share these kinds of books together. Maybe we all should become not just passive readers, but holy, living books.

Or do you not believe that the wind of god can blow over you, speak to you and through you? Do you feel what I feel? I know many of you already do, including many of my librarian friends who have been reading the book I released just a few days ago.

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now I’m gonna relax my brain and enjoy me some beautifully written Shonda Rhimes dialogue… love me some Scandal… mmm