Was the First Gospel Narrated by a Woman?

Last night I uploaded 225 pages of evidence/proofs for my five hypotheses to retrieve and restore the First Gospel (Qn) together with the Third Gospel (Early Luke or the Gospel of Marcion).

A few hours before uploading that major supplement to my book draft, I determined that the First Gospel (Qn) ended with Luke 24:10-11, a group of named women who had seen the empty tomb and told the story to the disciples.

Essentially, then, the First Gospel (Qn) has an inclusio of women disciples.

It lacks any story about Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist or Jesus choosing male disciples at the start of his ministry.

It begins instead with a woman as the first to anoint Jesus as messiah (Qn 7.36-50) and women as Jesus’ first followers and patrons (Qn 8.2-3).

To me this suggests the distinct possibility that the author/narrator/storyteller of Qn was a woman.

I’m not sure if there is any scientific way to determine that, but I’m curious what computational linguistics and natural language processing experts will have to say about Qn once I’ve compiled a complete dataset for them to analyze.

It will probably take another month for me to complete this work, all the while I’m holding down my main job as a tenure-track faculty librarian.

I’m open to invited research fellowships or grant funding, or for generous donors to give a substantial gift to CSU Fullerton to grant me paid research and writing leave.

Discovering the actual contents of the First and the Third Gospel is one of the most important scholarly findings in centuries. It would be nice to be able to focus completely on that the way that folks in comfy R1 positions can. I know I’m just an annoying upstart from the Church of the Nazarene and all, but I can more than hold my own in the ivory temples. 😉