Honor Roll

No real accomplishment or contribution to human society and learning is ever made in isolation by a single person. While it is still way too early to claim anything remotely approaching scholarly consensus around my discovery of the First Gospel and reconstruction of the Third Gospel, I would still like up front to thank many people who made my scholarly journey possible. These thanks are by no means an indication of any endorsement of my work or views. They are instead simply my heartfelt expressions of gratitude for what others have brought and meant to me.

  • Dennis R. MacDonald, my friend, fellow world-traveler, former colleague at Claremont School of Theology, and most excellent patron. Without your passionate, pioneering, prolific, and principled work in Mimesis Criticism, this work would simply not be possible
  • Thomas Phillips, New Testament scholar and Library and Information Science leader and mentor extraordinaire, who taught me never to rest content with derivative scholarship
  • Margaret Froelich, my friend and adept NT scholar, collaborator, and Wiccan priestess
  • Michael Kochenash, my friend and prolific NT scholar and collaborator
  • Matt Jenson, my faithful friend of many years and BIOLA’s best reader of the Classics
  • Anna Lefteratou, Classicist and Iphigenia scholar extraordinaire, for your collaboration, for welcoming me at the University of Coimbra and for introducing NT Mimesis to Classicists
  • Rémi Gounelle, for accepting my dissertation for publication, guiding its professional editing, introducing my work to the academy in Europe, inviting me into the world of French scholars whose work inspired so much of my own, and for your generous hospitality in Lyon along with that of all the members of l’AELAC
  • Tony Burke, a cunning collator of codices, for your hospitality at York University, for leading the North American exploration of the full breadth of popular Christian legends, canonical and noncanonical, and for helping us all see through the artifice of that delineation
  • John Kloppenborg and Joseph Verheyden, for your hospitality at KU Leuven and making NT studies a bountiful and joyful table overflowing with old wine and new
  • Stefanos Alexopoulos and Harald Buchinger, for your festive hospitality at Uni Regensburg, and reminding us Ricoeur-like that humans are intrinsic story-tellers and dramatists, that thoughtful liturgy means allowing performed myths to make good sense of us
  • Wooil Moon, for your hospitality at Yonsei University and showing the world that Korea is a vibrant home for Mimesis Critical scholarship
  • Extraordinary Digital Humanists and Information Scientists from all around the world with whom I shared the pleasure of conversing as a delegate to the Linked Open Data for Libraries Archives and Museums symposium in Venice
  • Federica and Stefano Parretti, for your warm Tuscan hospitality to artists of the word, the dance, and the brush
  • Kyle Courtney, for teaching me how to be a ninja in the Constitutional martial art of Fair Use Copyright Law for the cause of progress in science and the useful arts
  • Dieter Roth, for more than a decade of erudite, painstaking work turning up all the soil above the Gospel of Marcion, and your collegiality during our time in Leuven; your excellent, rigorous labors gave me the curiosity and courage to find the First and Third Gospels hiding just beneath the surface
  • Judith Kovacs, Harry Gamble, Robert Louis Wilken, Don Polaski, Elizabeth Shanks Alexander, Martien Halvorson-Taylor, Jenny Strauss Clay, John F. Miller, David Kovacs, Charles Marsh, James Davison Hunter, Peter Ochs, Gene Rogers, John Milbank, Vigen Guroian, John Dobbins, Augustine Thompson OP, Gerald Fogarty SJ, Karl Shuve, Richard Bishop, Willis Jenkins, J. Kameron Carter, Janet Spittler, and David Litwa—a grand and growing cacophanic chorus who taught me to read the full breadth of the classics and to honor Jefferson’s intellectual legacy to be unafraid to follow truth wherever it may lead
  • Supportive colleagues wherever I’ve sojourned: David Hunter, Hector Avalos, Nikki Bado-Fralick, Brad Kelle, Mike Lodahl, Maggie Bailey, Kay Harkins, Kay Higuera Smith, Craig Keen, Jeannie Constantinou, Ron Pachence, Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook, Drew Baker, Ann Hidalgo, Michele Buscher, Azeem Khan, Jason Mitchell, Greg Riley, Marv Sweeney, Scott Hewitt, Clem Guthro, Patricia Prestinary, Melissa Seelye, Carmen Mitchell, Lana Wood, Sinan Akciz, Jochen Burgtorf, Stephen O’Connor, Maged Mikhail, Zakyi Ibrahim, Brad Starr, Paul Levesque, Jeanette Reedy Solano, Jon Bruschke, Mark Stohs, John Hickok, Adolfo Prieto, Jie Tien, and Anthony Davis
  • Alice Piggee-Wallack, my spiritual mother and my daughter’s namesake
  • Jeanine Tartaglia-Metcalf, my alma mater at my alma mater who made me believe in women’s spiritual equality
  • Raymond Federman, Shoah survivor and brilliant literary artist beloved in English and French
  • Ron Benefiel, John Wright, Doug Harrison, spiritual fathers who lived and taught me the First Gospel before I ever discovered it
  • Paul Bassett, Alec Deasley, Thomas Noble, Carl Bangs, and Stan Ingersol, who taught me to love the rigor of research in the Bible and Church History
  • TDT, for giving me the most beautiful and amazing children in the world
  • LKT, who inspired me to fall in love with the law and the liturgy
  • PS, who inspired me to fall in love with women leaders like Dolores Huerta and follow their courageous lead in the cause of justice
  • SCLM, who inspired me to fall in love with the letter Q and great Q&A about American colonial history and religion
  • KW, who inspired me to fall in love with Frederick Douglass and find in his life and oratory a retelling of the story of Aesop and Jesus
  • KMJ, who inspired me to fall in love with the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, and to bring science and faith together in mythical song and marriage
  • DAJ, who inspired me to fall in love with a hopeful, open, inclusive, even if uncertain future and the belief that no one is ever truly unloved, forsaken or abandoned by god
  • Others who inspired me to fall deeply in love with life and literature, especially Plath, Shakespeare, Bukowski, and Kerouac
  • All of my students at UVA, Iowa State, PLNU, APU, USD, CST and now CSUF

You have all been my Rabbis with your insights into human life, culture, and literature, together with your practice of courage, creativity, and justice.

I owe you all everything for what you have given me.

In repayment of my debt, please accept my freely given digital codex as a contribution to open science and open faith, an invitation for humanity to become a more compassionate and rational community.