First Gospel LODLIB v1.18 now uploaded

Available at the usual spot:

Lots of fresh signals analysis and textual reconstructions of content of the First Gospel and the Third Gospel (Early Luke or the Gospel of Marcion) from chapters 6-8, 11, and 13 now available in the latest version (1.18). Readers/scholars/fans: always be encouraged to download and read the latest edition, since substantive additions are now being made and self-archived on a weekly basis.

Also of note: I’ve removed the access restriction on version 1 of the book on Zenodo, so everyone can now see what this book proposal and five hypotheses looked like when it was first uploaded on July 1, 2020. From 50 pages to 350 pages in six weeks is pretty good progress!

I’ll continue to work on this as long and as much as needed, but many hands would certainly make for lighter and better work. So if you are an established scholar who thinks this is a worthwhile project and would like to join, please let me know. I’d be happy for you to to claim a pericope or a chapter to contribute to the project. I’ll be sure to give you lots of credit and thanks!