Luke 1-4 Parallel Sets Completed

Uploaded v1.26 this morning. This major update brings the book series draft up to nearly 450 pages and 160,000 words, including some significant new content:

  • Worked carefully through the infancy and childhood narratives, the genealogy, the introduction of John the baptizer, the baptism of Jesus, and the temptation to show that none of this content was present in the First Gospel (Qn) and Third Gospel (GMarc), but all quite clearly created by the Late Luke redactor, LkR2 (working 117-138 CE).
  • Started to develop a new proof of my hypotheses based on mapping the respective travels that Joshua/Jesus takes in each textual stratum. In Qn, Jesus makes a single trip from Nazareth to Jerusalem. In GMarc/Lk1, Jesus wanders around a few extra spots in Galilee before making the Qn single major journey. But in Lk2, Jesus, his parents, and his followers all make numerous back and forth trips between Galilee and Judea/Jerusalem.

Feedback welcomed as always. Interested collaborators, reviewers, editors, publishers, funders, and current/future university research centers are invited to connect. The importance and future impact of this discovery and reconstruction of the First and Third Gospels cannot be overstated.

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