Build a Team of Rivals and Flip the Senate with GOP Senators in the Cabinet

Lincoln brought healing to the country by building a bipartisan cabinet. Biden should consider doing the same thing.

John Kennedy of Louisiana, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, and Jerry Moran of Kansas would all be ideal additions to a Biden cabinet. Each of them has a record of standing on principle to oppose some of the worst excesses of the Trump administration. Kennedy was formerly a Democrat. Like Biden, Toomey is a fellow Catholic and Pennsylvanian. Moran has shown an exceptional capacity to build alliances in the tech and small business communities across the nation.

Each of these Senators also happens to be in a state with a Democratic governor who would appoint a replacement until the next special election in each state. These governors would likely choose moderate Democrats to fill these Senate seats temporarily. The people of each state would still ultimately decide on their Senators, and they would have the power to flip the Senate back to Republican control if they chose. But at least for several months, regardless of the outcome of the Georgia special elections, the Biden administration would have the ability to work with a Senate that is not rendered completely dysfunctional by Mitch McConnell.

The country needs a fresh start of bipartisan collegiality, character, and cooperation. We are in the middle of a national health and economic emergency. This is not the time for intransigent obstructionism; this is the time for competent, patriotic pragmatism. A couple of strategic Republican additions to Biden’s cabinet could do just that for the Executive and Legislative branches and for the country as a whole.