Criteria for Evaluating Gospel Strata Sequential Hypotheses

Uploaded v1.28 today. This major update brings the book series draft over 180,000 words, including some significant new content. Most important is the development of a set of twelve complementary criteria to expand and nuance my evolving scientific method for clarifying vocal strata within gospels and putting them in the correct historical sequence.

These twelve criteria are: 1) identifying signatures, 2) expansion/multiplication, 3) rhetorical density, 4) conceptual density, 5) transitional smoothness, 6) sequence preservation, 7) upward mobility, 8) honor/shame delineation, 9) hybridized intertextuality, 10) element preservation, 11) selective source alternation, 12) occasional weakness.

Along with a description of these twelve criteria, I provide a seven page set of tables showing how they work in practice.

Besides developing and testing out these criteria, I have continued to edit and complete more parallel sets, especially in chapters 14-19, typically working from the more simple sets to the more complicated ones.

Feedback welcomed as always. Interested collaborators, reviewers, editors, publishers, funders, and current/future university research centers are invited to connect. The importance and future impact of this discovery and reconstruction of the First and Third Gospels cannot be overstated.

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