Linguistic-Syntactical Vocal Strata Profile Section Released in First Gospel v1.29

We’ve now reached 500 pages and 210,000 words, up from 180,000 words in the last version.

The most important update is a new section of tables entitled “Linguistic-Syntactical Vocal Strata Profiles,” a workspace where we compile and partition features by their originating gospel stratum.

Now that the Lk1 and Lk2 vocal strata are starting to gain clarity based on a thorough inspection of passages not present in GMarc, we have started selectively restoring to Lk1 some Qn passages that are not attested in GMarc, most of which were previously considered part of Q.

Lots of other improvements and corrections have been made, both to the introductory sections and to the parallel sets. Enjoy! Constructive feedback and offers of collaboration are welcomed.

This LODLIB is at the cutting edge of the coming transition into a new future for Gospel Studies as hard data science. Come ride the cascading wave as it unfurls! If Jesus walked on water, you can, too! 😉