Statistical Proofs of GMarc as Early Luke from the Single, Double, and Triple Traditions

Today we release v1.30, containing new statistical proofs related to my discovery of the First Gospel (Qn) as an actual, historical text whose vocal stratum data can be proven and restored using modern data science methods. This goes together with my scientific reconstruction of Marcion’s Gospel as the third gospel stratum. We are now at 530 pages and almost 225,000 words, up from 500 pages and 210,000 words in our last version.

The main set of new proofs is the “Statistical Analysis of GMarc and Single, Double, and Triple Traditions.” By carefully comparing attestations and word counts of these different tradition types in GMarc and Lk2, we show clearly that GMarc has a consistent, systematic lack of single traditions compared to double and especially triple traditions. These patterns are too consistently evident across an inconsistently attested text to be explained logically as the product of Marcion’s editorial work or of random or even deliberate patterns of early orthodox attestation or suppression. The only scientifically sound explanation of the consistent favoring of double and triple traditions to single traditions in GMarc that Lk2 was a revised and expanded version of GMarc. The payoff of this detailed analysis comes in the following tables:

Besides this new set of proofs, we have also added New Testament hapax legomena for all four gospels as well as many more lemmata to our book’s internal data dictionary, the “Linguistic-Syntactical Vocal Strata Profiles.”

I’ve been sharing my work selectively with various groups during the virtual Society of Biblical Literature conference. Based on reader metrics, it’s generating quite a bit of interest. I’m eager for other scholars to engage my work in a serious discussion, whether in print or in a virtual meeting or conference. Please reach out to me or Phil Tite at U Washington if you are interested in hosting or participating in such a discussion.