Data Dictionary upgrades and integrations in First Gospel v1.31

We’ve now reached 550 pages and 250,000 words, up from 530 pages and 225,000 words in the last version.

We’ve also reclassified the “Linguistic-Syntactical Vocal Strata Profiles” as an embedded Data Dictionary with distinct headings that are now increasingly cross-referenced from footnotes. Hundreds of new entries are included; many of these entries add significant further evidence clarifying the distinct voices (vocal strata) of Qn, Lk1 and Lk2 within Luke.

Lots of other improvements and corrections have been made, both to the introductory sections and to the parallel sets. Enjoy! Constructive feedback and offers of collaboration are welcomed.

This LODLIB is at the cutting edge of a massive transition into a new future for Gospel Studies and Christian historical studies and practice being held fully accountable to hard data science.

As a person of faith myself, I hope that persons and institutions of faith can prove agile and rise to the call to adapt to this historical and intellectual moment.