The First Gospel (LODLIB v1.34 release notes)

This week’s edition puts us at almost 650 pages and over 270,000 words. Lots of new additions have been made to the Comparative Restoration (esp. for chp 12) and to the Data Dictionary. We’ve also made some significant corrections to previous chapters as we continue to follow a cycle of continuous improvement, simultaneously tracing the transmission and syntheses of vocal signals across time and clarifying discrete vocal strata from specific moments in time. I’ve also been enjoying reviewing the scholarly literature in Computational Linguistics about authorship attribution and recognition and figuring out how to adapt the methods of other scholars and also develop new ones specifically customized for ancient Greek texts and the Synoptic Problem. Should have some important scientific findings to announce in the next month or two.

Enjoy! Constructive feedback, reviews, responses, and offers of collaboration are welcomed!