The First Gospel (LODLIB v1.37 release notes)

This week’s edition puts us over 700 pages and 293,000 words. Notable highlights:

  • Identification of an additional 20 signature features showing statistically significant variance between Lk1/GMarc and Lk2 that will be used in future proofs of the Schwegler hypothesis and our five hypotheses. These now include several features with disproportionately high frequencies in Lk1/GMarc compared to Lk2, not just vice versa. Many of these newly listed features are morphologically nuanced bigrams, trigrams, and quadigrams we’ve been identifying over the past several editions of our LODLIB in DD 1.2.
  • Forked three sections (Computational Linguistics and the Synoptic [Signals] Problem; Data Visualizations; Excursus on Related Topics) from other areas to have their own sections.
  • Hundreds more “clear” vocal signal tags are now assigned across any and all strata throughout the entire reconstruction in anticipation of the future compilation of NLP training datasets for each vocal stratum.
  • Dozens of new entries to the Data Dictionary, adding further clarification and disambiguation of the Qn, Lk1, and Lk2 vocal strata.

We’ve also recently been able to acquire the two recent critical editions of the Gospel of Marcion edited by Gramaglia (2017, Italian) and Gianotto and Nicolotti (2019, Greek and Italian), and we plan to start including citations to their work in future editions of our LODLIB. Based on our initial perusal of these impressive and thoroughly-researched works, they take nothing away from the originality of our work, nor do they make any significant counterarguments that would challenge our five hypotheses. We hope soon to have a copy of Klinghardt’s reconstruction (2020 in Greek and German, 2021 in Greek and English), possibly to review it for a major journal. The Amazon preview we have been able to view thus far already makes clear that Klinghardt’s research and notes are even more meticulous and thorough than Roth’s, who set a very high bar. While my research dovetails significantly with Klinghardt’s in many ways, we clearly have substantive disagreements, given that he reconstructs GMarc as the first gospel and negates the existence of Q as the first gospel, whereas I locate GMarc historically as the third gospel stratum and use it as the main basis for a fuller and more precise reconstruction of Qn as the first gospel. So as to give full recognition to all of these serious and substantive editions (including BeDuhn 2013), in future editions I’m planning to build in a set area on each page of my Comparative Restoration that facilitates cross-referencing. It’s exciting to see the surge of interest in this text, and I’m looking forward to future conversations with fellow GMarc specialists both in writing and at conferences.

Enjoy! Constructive feedback, reviews, responses, and offers of collaboration are welcomed!