The First Gospel (LODLIB v1.41 release notes)

This week’s edition has incremental improvements over the last addition, some new additions to the Comparative Restoration and Data Dictionary, and spelling and grammatical corrections throughout. Finalizing my forthcoming co-authored Harvard Theological Review article on Iphigenia, Librarian duties and home responsibilities have all made work on the First Gospel book slower going than usual, but I’m hoping to get back in the groove of uploading an updated edition each week.

On a related, very positive note, I recently received complementary review copies of Matthias Klinghardt’s freshly published two volume work: The Oldest Gospel (Leuven: Peeters, 2021), which I’m reviewing for the Brill journal Vigiliae Christianae. Thank you to Peeters and to the editor(s) at Brill for this opportunity.

My initial perusal of Klinghardt’s magnum opus has already found it to be breathtaking in quality, breadth, and depth of research. In my view, Klinghardt’s massive work is now unquestionably the most important book on the Gospels and the Synoptic Problem ever published.

I look forward to writing a careful, detailed review while also starting to make considered use of Klinghardt’s meticulous work in my own reconstruction of the Gospel of Marcion. Both Klinghardt and I take Marcion’s Gospel as an earlier version of Luke than its canonical form, and as an earlier inspiration and influence on early editions of Mark, Matthew, and John. While my hypotheses and conclusions differ from those of Klinghardt about whether to jettison or revise Q, and whether early Mark was a source or not for two sections of the Gospel of Marcion, on the whole our work has a tremendous amount in common. I look forward to future conversations between us, both in the academic literature and at conferences.