The First Gospel (LODLIB v1.42 release notes)

This week’s edition releases a major update to the internal Data Dictionary to include a Discourse Analysis and Rhetorical Techniques section (DD 1.3) that builds on the work of Stephen H. Levinsohn for the BART (Biblical Analysis and Research Tool) project. Initial findings from my comparison of Discourse Analysis features in GMarc and canonical Luke, along with cumulative findings from the other sections, have now brought our list of distinctive vocal features demonstrating Statistically Significant Variance between Lk1 and Lk2 to over a hundred. I have thus strengthened our proofs for the Schwegler hypothesis that GMarc is an earlier version of Luke with over a thousand different data points. Essentially, I’ve now scientifically clarified the distinct voice of the editor of canonical Luke in contrast to its sources for the first time in history.

I’m also continuing to work through Klinghardt’s magnum opus (recently translated from German into English and published with Peeters Press under the title The Oldest Gospel). As part of my careful review of that book for Vigiliae Christianae, I’ve been turning Klinghardt’s critical edition of Marcion’s Gospel into a lemmatized and morphologically tagged dataset and comparing his findings with my own. The rigor, detail, and amount of research in Klinghardt’s book is truly extraordinary. While we have taken different approaches, a lot of our independent work on Marcion’s Gospel and the Synoptic Problem provides mutual confirmation of our conclusions.