Synoptic Model Charts and Critical Gender Overview now included in First Gospel LODLIB v1.52

Today’s upload has numerous updates. We’d like to highlight two in particular. With thanks to Stephen Carlson for allowing us to make use of his graphic thumbnails for different models of proposed solutions to the Synoptic Problem, we have created the following table, pointing out where each model works perfectly to map all of the transmissions within certain specific sets of signals (= Aland Synopsis parallel sets). The description of this table in the book critiques all of these proposed solutions as mutually exclusive, mutually invalidating, and individually incapable of accounting for most of the signal data. They all have some validity, but only within an encompassing, scientific signal tracing methodology.

The other update we want to highlight is a brief catalog of passages focused on women, passages that were part of Qn and yet have been overlooked or ignored in past scholarship on Q.

We hope these updates and many others make our LODLIB that much more useful and thought-provoking! As always, feedback, inquiries, and collaborations are welcomed!