Data Paper and Normalized Datasets for Roth’s 2015 GMarc Reconstruction Accepted for Journal of Open Humanities Data (LODLIB 2.15)

This week’s LODLIB version now contains the author’s accepted version of our data paper and related transformational, normalized datasets based on Roth’s 2015 reconstruction of the Gospel of Marcion (GMarc). As we note in the paper, Roth’s is the most widely accepted reconstruction in scholarship today. Sincere thanks go to Dr. Roth and to Tanja Cowall at Brill’s copyright office for securing an agreement for the distribution of these datasets under a CC-BY-NC-ND license. We also would like to thank the editor-in-chief and three anonymous reviewers at JOHD for their excellent and constructive feedback on this work. While the data paper is still at print, we are happy to go ahead and share the DOIs that have already been minted for the paper ( and datasets ( [The latter DOI was randomly (providentially?) generated, by the way! We have no control over what specific DOI is generated when we upload datasets to the Harvard JOHD Dataverse.]