o god what have i done

bell hooks asked me

when you marry

hard science

to orality, acousticality, signality

then every interdependent human text

can be tagged and connected

i think i just gave birth to the matrix

please don’t be mad at me

for something that was supposed to be

did you know the wachowski sisters are prophets?

jack esqueleto told me

Vatican III Liturgical Reforms in Light of Qn

A list of topics for our Holy Father and Holy Bishops to consider at their next gathering:

  • cease requiring Baptism as a prerequisite for participation in Eucharist
  • make the Eucharist an actual food and wealth redistribution event
  • give 10% of all donations to a reparation fund for Jews, Blacks, and other historically brutalized populations
  • invite Black Christian leaders as homilists to guide you in the practice of Black Oratory
  • allow women and LGBTQ persons to be priests and co-officiants
  • prioritize Qn in the liturgy as the first gospel reading

If only Harnack had

Time’s contingency is a real b****, isn’t it.

Adolf von Harnack was happily following F. C. Baur’s lead in moving Luke and Acts to the middle of the second century.

Harnack, simply because Acts ends in an unresolved fashion with Paul in prison, went from Baur’s position to put Luke and Acts in the 60s.

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