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First and Third Gospel Reconstructions complete through chp. 10

Uploaded v1.23 today, a major update: Now up over 150,000 words (1.22 was around 125,000 words) Draft reconstructions for the First Gospel (Qn) and the Third Gospel (Early Luke / Gospel of Marcion) are now complete through chapter 10 Lots of corrections made to earlier chapters as new evidence has continued to come to light […]

LiveScience features my chapter from More New Testament Apocrypha

The indefatigable Religion meets Science reporter Owen Jarus gave a very generous summary of a chapter I contributed to volume 2 of the MNTA series published by Eerdmans, edited by Tony Burke. It’s a little known crusader-era tale about San Dimas (Saint Dysmas) being a border guard between Israel and Egypt and his decision to […]

Many Mostly Right; Some Flatly Wrong

New scientific breakthroughs in scholarship can feel like a game of winners and losers, and it’s never fun to lose. But real scholarship–scholarship based on scientific reality, method, and evidence–is not and can never be a winner take all prize. While the scientific discovery and reconstruction of the First and Third Gospels does completely invalidate […]

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