Qn Jesus: Aesop for the Poor

The opening mythical/literary frame that identifies and defines Jesus in the newly rediscovered first Gospel (Qn, 50-65 Judea) was none other than the notoriously ugly slave, randy philosopher, and witty fabulist Aesop.

We’ve laid out the basic details of this opening material in our iterative, Open Access book proposal. We’ll definitely need specialists on Aesop to help us fill in what we expect to be many, many overlaps (some previously discovered and perhaps many not yet discovered) between the fables of Aesop and the reconstructed content of Qn. Even the closing story about Zacchaeus may point to an Aesop-influenced inclusio.

Mythical Christianity: Book Series Announcement

As I’m preparing to publish several forthcoming books, I did a scan of current book titles in print to make sure my titles would be unique and original. I was originally thinking about using the title FrankenChrist for the first volume, but there is already an album with that name; and FrankenChurch for the fourth volume, but there is already book with that title.

So, without further ado, today on June 11, 2020, I’m claiming the following titles and announcing the Mythical Christianity series:

  • Book 1. The Mythical Christ
  • Book 2. The Mythical Peter and Paul
  • Book 3. The Mythical Bible
  • Book 4. The Mythical Church