Honor Roll

No real accomplishment or contribution to human society and learning is ever made in isolation by a single person. While it is still way too early to claim anything remotely approaching scholarly consensus around my discovery of the First Gospel and reconstruction of the Third Gospel, I would still like up front to thank many people who made my scholarly journey possible. These thanks are by no means an indication of any endorsement of my work or views. They are instead simply my heartfelt expressions of gratitude for what others have brought and meant to me.

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Scholarly Communication and Religious Studies Discourse and Debates

I’ve been emailing back and forth a bit the last few days with my friend and academic colleague, Dieter Roth, the world’s leading expert on the study of Marcion and his texts. We met at a conference at KU Leuven a few years back, one graciously hosted by Joseph Verheyden and John Kloppenborg. It was such a wonderful gathering. I’ve let Dieter know that I value our scholarly friendship and eagerly welcome his feedback. He said he’s working on a response.

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A Public Prayer for the World: Silent Vigils for Justice

In our Academic Senate meetings at CSUF, we sometimes pause to have a moment of silence for CSUF faculty who have passed. While not overtly religious, it is a beautiful and meaningful ritual and tradition.

I can’t help but think about the many persons who never had an opportunity to be part of our community because of systemic injustice, and that we also have a solemn duty to be vigilant in remembering them.

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