Summary Highlights of the Newly Discovered First Gospel (Qn, 66-69)

Thought it would be a nice courtesy to readers to distill down some of the highlights from Qn, the very First Gospel out of the Jesus movement, a text that I discovered and announced a few weeks ago and am busy proving and reconstructing each day. A partial preliminary edition and translation has now been released for public viewing. While I have called this text Qn or the Gospel of the Poor, we might also consider calling it the Gospel of the Enslaved Messiah, the Slave Gospel, the Abolitionist Gospel, or the Gospel of Liberation.

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Jesus was a Slave; the First Gospel was His Story

Scholars around the world in every discipline will soon start coming together around building this Gospel and understanding its place in Human Civilization. It’s going to change everything. Everything.

It was there from the very beginning of the Jesus movement.

It just got hidden through a layered process of textual competition.

Those layers are going to start to become truly clear for the first time in history, thanks to amazing Humanist scholars working hand in hand with Technologists.

That shared effort will start to bring peace and healing and compassion and intelligence back to our world.

god knows we need it

Social Repentance from Christian Anti-Semitism

While our society is having a serious conversation about race, we also need to have one about religion. Anti-Semitic violence has skyrocketed in recent years. Even the synagogue in my hometown of Poway, California, fell victim to a mass shooting. Everyone knows about the Nazi rally in Charlottesville, but that was personal for me. Jefferson’s rotunda is where I defended my dissertation. My firstborn, Samuel, saw his first movie (a Winnie the Pooh film) as a toddler only a block or two away from where Heather Heyer was murdered. Those two days shook me to my core and were the worst days of my life.

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