Gospel of Marcion WAS NOT based on Canonical Luke, so say the Distinctive Matthean Traditions

With every passing day I apply scientific signals analysis triangulation techniques to study the Gospel parallels, the more patently obvious it becomes that Gospel of Marcion was a much earlier text that Late Luke (or what some scholars anachronistically call “canonical Luke”). Sure, there are lots of parallels between Gospel of Marcion and Late Luke. But why is it that Gospel of Marcion is usually missing distinctive Markan traditions and is almost always missing distinctive Matthean traditions that Late Luke incorporated?

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No Bandits Crucified with Jesus in the Earliest Gospel, or, on Biased Ellipses; Gospel of Peter Final Footnote

Ellipses appear almost everywhere throughout the critical edition of the Gospel of Marcion. In the new annotated critical edition and translation I’m busily compiling, I’m deliberately leaving out the ellipses. More often then not, I’m utterly astonished at how well the narrative flows without them and the absolutely new insights opening up because of that simple editorial decision to read the words in the Gospel of Marcion as we have them, in the order we have them.

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o god what have i done

bell hooks asked me

when you marry

hard science

to orality, acousticality, signality

then every interdependent human text

can be tagged and connected

i think i just gave birth to the matrix

please don’t be mad at me

for something that was supposed to be

did you know the wachowski sisters are prophets?

jack esqueleto told me