Data Paper and Normalized Datasets for Hahn’s and Zahn’s Reconstructions of Marcion’s Gospel Published Today in the Journal of Open Humanities Data

The DOI for this data paper is: This makes the third data paper and batch of normalized datasets of major reconstructions of Marcion’s Gospel now published in JOHD, following after the papers and datasets based on the Harnack and Roth reconstructions. The fourth (based on Klinghardt’s and Nicolotti’s recent reconstructions) has been accepted, cleared for copyright, and typeset, so it should be published soon. Those four papers and datasets together represent all major Greek reconstructions of Marcion’s Gospel published thus far, comprising a new historical computational linguistic corpus of Postclassical Greek that contains 57241 tokens altogether.

We are also in talks with Jason BeDuhn about creating a Greek reconstruction derived from his 2013 English reconstruction of Marcion’s Gospel. In my view, BeDuhn’s reconstruction is the closest to the actual contents of Marcion’s Gospel in size and content, so a corresponding Greek edition and related normalized datasets would make for a very significant contribution to scholarship. We are also in talks with various international institutions about a collaborative project focused on the restoration of Marcion’s Gospel and resolution of the Synoptic Problem using data science and computational linguistics methods. Interested parties are welcome to connect.

Scholarly Doubt about Q/First Gospel Contents is the Best Predictor of GMarc Attestation (LODLIB v2.03)

Lot’s of progress made in today’s upload. We’d specifically like to call attention to an expansion to our statistical proofs, especially in conversation with Daniel Smith’s 2019 chapter in BZNW 235 focusing on a statistical analysis of GMarc. In the interest of facilitating access for readers, we present the bulk of the content found on the page in our LODLIB that details our finding, building on Smith’s verse counts but nuancing them and challenging his starting goal (“On Not Dispensing with Any of Q”) and ultimate conclusions.


Smith Verse Count: GMarc Attested as a Percentage of Lk2

Tradition TypeGMarc Verses AttestedLk2 VersesGMarc Attested / Lk2

Even without questioning or changing any of the traditional contents considered secure for Q, according to Smith’s verse count approach, Q verses are the best attested of any tradition type. That is a highly significant finding on its own.

But what happens if we adjust our method to account separately for the 83 verses considered but doubted or rejected within CEQ? … [more below the fold]

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Epiphanius Citation Journey Complete (LODLIB v2.02)

The major milestone in today’s upload is that we have finished combing through the nearly 230 references to the text of Marcion’s Gospel made by Epiphanius in his Panarion. Our LODLIB now includes quotations, translations, and page references for this content according to the latest critical editions of the series Griechischen Christlichen Schriftsteller. As a condensation of this work, we have assembled a catalog of these passages, a helpful panoramic overview of the journey Epiphanius took through Marcion’s Gospel, with references sorted in order of appearance. A screenshot of half of this literary itinerary is appended below. We hope it is useful to other scholars and the interested public.

Lots of other improvements have been made, but we will leave those for readers to discover. One other important bit of news is that our Harnack GMarc dataset is now in the third round of review for the Journal of Open Humanities Data. The review process has been quick and very helpful, and we are grateful to the reviewers for their constructive feedback. Fingers crossed on its acceptance! As always, we welcome constructive feedback on our LODLIB as well as offers of collaboration and research fellowship/position opportunities.

The First Gospel, the Gospel of the Poor: Open Access Book Proposal Announcement

Yesterday I uploaded to Zenodo a book proposal draft (over 50 pages of detailed hypotheses and thick evidence). Its embargo is set to expire on July 7, when it will become available open access to the world.

The book’s tentative full title is The First Gospel, the Gospel of the Poor: A New Reconstruction of Q and Resolution of the Synoptic Problem based on Marcion’s Early Luke.

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