Data Paper and Normalized Datasets for Hahn’s and Zahn’s Reconstructions of Marcion’s Gospel Published Today in the Journal of Open Humanities Data

The DOI for this data paper is: This makes the third data paper and batch of normalized datasets of major reconstructions of Marcion’s Gospel now published in JOHD, following after the papers and datasets based on the Harnack and Roth reconstructions. The fourth (based on Klinghardt’s and Nicolotti’s recent reconstructions) has been accepted, cleared for copyright, and typeset, so it should be published soon. Those four papers and datasets together represent all major Greek reconstructions of Marcion’s Gospel published thus far, comprising a new historical computational linguistic corpus of Postclassical Greek that contains 57241 tokens altogether.

We are also in talks with Jason BeDuhn about creating a Greek reconstruction derived from his 2013 English reconstruction of Marcion’s Gospel. In my view, BeDuhn’s reconstruction is the closest to the actual contents of Marcion’s Gospel in size and content, so a corresponding Greek edition and related normalized datasets would make for a very significant contribution to scholarship. We are also in talks with various international institutions about a collaborative project focused on the restoration of Marcion’s Gospel and resolution of the Synoptic Problem using data science and computational linguistics methods. Interested parties are welcome to connect.