Cycles of Continuous Improvement (LODLIB v2.11)

Today’s LODLIB update reflects a major quality control check and normalization of our Hahn (1832) dataset of human-readable Greek, as well as minor corrections to some of the calculations in our Cluster Analysis and Statistical Analysis sections. We’re also happy to confirm via David Galston that Westar will be hosting an online/virtual session devoted to Q and the Gospel of Marcion as part of the upcoming Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting. If you are interested in planning or participating in that session, please let me or David know! Here’s hoping that venue provides a launching pad for a new kind of Jesus Seminar focused on the scientific restoration and reconstruction of the many historical voices embedded within early canonical and non-canonical gospels. This week we also made a few minor corrections to our Harnack JOHD data paper, which should be published very soon.

Call for AAR and SBL to Pull Out of Texas

The American Academy of Religion (9000 members) and Society of Biblical Literature (8300 members) are the largest academic associations in the world focusing on the study of religion and the Jewish and Christian scriptures. Our conference this November is scheduled to take place in San Antonio.

The Handmaid’s Tale dystopia unfolding in Texas politics–exacerbated and abetted by the minority-appointed Supreme Court majority–is not something which should be rewarded with travel and tourism funds from other states.

Both conferences should move fully and completely online.